Our Services

International Oil, LNG, Crude products requirement and fulfilment:

Blu Sky Ventures advises National and international companies, independent commercial oil and petrochemical producer companies, private equity investors and other oil field services firms to maximize the value of their existing reserves by developing the right strategy. Captain Aftab Shams is an oil and gas networker, and with his global network in the field, experience and insights, he helps the clients to deal with the market challenges, supply chain and the operation strategy. We have our vast clientele based in Asia, America and Africa who are involved in conventional and unconventional production of international Oil, LNG and Crude products and equipment manufacturing. We help our clients to evaluate potential deals across the world in requirement fulfilment.

International Consultancy on Finance:

Your network is your net worth, and we value the saying. With our extensive contacts and network, we have been able to serve many national and international businesses to deal with their business finance. We help oil and gas projects worldwide for their project funding. We also support the government and private companies in India and overseas in their collateral-based project loans and financing.

Financial Brokers, Funders, High Net Worth profile individuals:

Any project that you handle or invest in, has many stages, and you may need an expert to advise and guidance at any stage of your projects. If you are willing to invest in a project or want to discuss your pipeline projects, our financial analyst and consultant can help you with a 360-degree view of the industry. We go through robust research and field checks to guide you through handling your funds more efficaciously. Our dedicated consultant will guide you through creating your financial portfolio with low churn and long-term focus. We know that the way to a successful investment is to pick up the perfect projects. Our experience in the areas of risk management and wealth creation will help the financial brokers, funders and High Net Worth Profile Individuals to focus upon long term wealth creation.

We are in the era of globalization. The development of the new medical system framework with the focus on the need of the patients is the modern version of the traditional healthcare system. We believe that every hospital must be well equipped with all the required devices to be able to provide complete healthcare services to the patients. With the latest inventions and tools, medical science is upgraded and better than before.

We have an extensive range of services which all together participate in the development of the modern healthcare system.

Export and import of medical equipment and devices

Our approach is influenced by the requirement of public health, which complements our perspective. With detailed knowledge of the German healthcare system and equipment, we have a vast list of healthcare equipment to supply worldwide. The standard of importing and exporting services worldwide and the qualitative healthcare devices which are needed to set up a multispecialty hospital is our key strength, which also keeps us apart from the competitors. Our objective is to fill the gap between authentic and functional healthcare equipment requirements and supply all over the world. We are currently serving the world’s leading healthcare organizations with our healthcare products.

Healthcare devices that we supply:

  • Human B/W Ultrasound/Sonography Machine,
  • Human Ultrasound/Sonography/Color Doppler Machine,
  • Veterinary B/W Ultrasound/Sonography Machine,
  • Veterinary Ultrasound/Sonography/Color Doppler Machine,
  • C.T.Scanner,
  • MRI,
  • Whole Body Bone Mass Densitometer,
  • Mammography,
  • Digital Radiography (DR) Systems,
  • Echo-cardiac USG/Sonography/Color Doppler machine,
  • Ozone Generator for disinfection & purification,
  • Oxygen Concentrator,
  • Modular OT,
  • Modular ICU,
  • Modular ICU,
  • Modular ICCU,
  • Ventilators,
  • Multi Para Patient Monitor,
  • Infusion Pump,
  • Syringe Pump,
  • ECG,
  • Defibrillators,
  • Holters,
  • Electrophoresis Systems,
  • Electrolyte Analyzers,
  • Clinical Chemical Analyzers,
  • CSSD Systems,
  • IVF & IUI Systems,
  • All type of Endoscopy Systems,
  • I) MDH Endoscope,
  • II) Cystoscopy,
  • III) Brochoscope,
  • IV) ENT Endoscope,
  • V) Ureteroscope,
  • VI) Single-use bronchoscope,
  • VII) Video flexible endoscope,
  • VIII) Portable flexible endoscope,
  • IX) Video flexible larngoscope,
  • X) Video flexible endoscopy,
  • XI) Video flexible ureteroscopy,
  • XII) Video flexible ENT Endoscopy,
  • XIII) Video flexible single-use bronchoscopy,
  • XIV) ICU Pulmonary, Respiratory, anesthetist, Video flexible intubation endoscopy,
  • Ophthalmology Equipment,
  • EECP Machine,
  • Digital Angiography,
  • OPG,
  • Pulse Oximeter,
  • OT Table,
  • Obstetric, Gynecology Delivery Table,
  • Heamo Dialysis Machine,
  • CPAP,
  • BIPAP,
  • Baby Warmer,
  • NICU Bed,
  • OT Lights,
  • Anaesthesia Machine,
  • Anaesthesia Work Station,
  • Semi Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser,
  • Fully Automated, Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzers,
  • Fully Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer,
  • Electrolyte Analysers,
  • A Complete Range of Advanced 3 Part & 5 Part Fully Automated (21 & 22 Parameters) Haematology Analysers,
  • Fully Automatic 5 Part WBC Analysers,
  • Manual & Automated (Manual & Automated Gel) Electrophoresis Systems,
  • Clinical Electrophoresis System,
  • Complete Range of Histopathology,
  • Dental Unit:
  • I) Wall Mounting Dental X-Ray,
  • II) Portable Dental X-Ray,
  • III) Portable Dental Unit,
  • IV) LED Tooth Whitening Machine,
  • V) Lead Aprons, Suction System,
  • VI) Autoclave &
  • VII) RGV Software,
  • Whole Body Masajer,
  • Laser Hair Remover,
  • Physiotherapy Equipments,
  • Probes of Ultrasound/Sonography/Color Doppler machine,
  • Fully Digital Hi-Tech Work-Station for Ultrasound, CT Scanner, MRI, X-Ray, CR System, C-Arm,
  • DICOM for Ultrasound, CT Scanner, MRI, X-Ray, CR System, C-Arm,
  • Thermal Printer for Ultrasound, CT Scanner, MRI, X-Ray, CR System, C-Arm,
  • Image Grabber S/W for Ultrasound, CT Scanner, MRI, X-Ray, CR System, C-Arm,
  • Biopsy for Probes of Ultrasound,
  • AMC & CMC of Medical Equipments.

We are a leading company with the services of hospital consulting, hospital planning, and designing and providing various solutions for turnkey hospital projects. Our experience in healthcare, hospital economics and the public healthcare system make us apt in making you learned about the medical technology industry and support you to access the market of innovative medical devices. We fulfill your requirements of the hospital in room fittings such as pressure control equipment, hygiene equipment, nitrogen equipment, ECG equipment, and more. Our team is a unique combination of expertise and experience in modern healthcare devices to support you in developing successful strategies of setting up small community hospitals. With accurately gathered data and trusted import and export research and analysis, we can help you to get a solution in every step of your hospital business.