Dear investors, High and Very High Network Profile Individuals, Corporate Houses,  Friends and Clients  


The world situation is evolving with every passing day regarding the COVID-19. We at Blusky ventures are  taking as many precautions as we can do, to stay safe and to help the rest of humanity to keep safe. We are  also abiding by all the guidelines given by the government in the crisis of the  

pandemic to reduce the transmission of the virus and to protect humankind.  

Though we know, this is the time of optimum uncertainty, but enthusiasm,  

energy, and the commitment of our global partners and associates are  

inspiring me every day. We are following the advice of the World Health  

Organization and the federal governments of every country we are operating  

in right now, and all of us at Blusky ventures are practising social distancing  

by working from our respective homes while balancing our family  

commitments too.  

Due to the strict restrictions on travelling and public events, which are either  

cancelled or postponed, our existing funders and partners have also reached  

out to us through their words of support, understanding that some of our  

services or projects may change inevitably and I thank them for their  

compassion. Many business deals are in the pipeline and yet to get finalized,  

and I appreciate our clientele for holding their fortitude and strengthening us.  

As we promise our service quality to be top-notch and as we vowed to support our clients in every step of  their businesses, we are unceasingly working on our advancement, while upgrading our knowledge and  widening our networks to many parts of the world to make our services more efficient and effective. 

We are more than fortunate because most of the work that we do at Blusky is ‘thought work’, and it permits us to work from our comfort zone, location and while following our own routine. The pandemic has  undeniably forced us to encounter an entirely new reality; we will keep on with our essential researches and  will publish them all. We will also take on new and exciting projects and will share our learnings from each of  them. In our changing work environment and improving world condition, we will keep on advocating for  better policies for our venture and will forge new partnerships.  

You will be continuously hearing from our experts through all our communication channels. 

Together we will overcome the situation, and the mission of Blusky Venture is to create a sustainable world  together. 

Captain Aftab Shams 

President & CEO, Blusky Ventures