About us

Blu Sky Ventures Global,India doing business as Blue Sky International Venture, Inc.USA and Blue Sky International Venture, Dubai Fz.Co. The needs of the aviation industry are moving faster. Either you are looking for purchasing or selling small and big aircraft, need support during aircraft selling and buying litigations, help in MRO Setup, or want to have great insights in operations- Blu Sky Ventures can help you with everything. We offer an assortment of tailor-made services which can lead you to achieve your business goals. We expertise in focusing upon your aviation needs and alter our services to make the best result in an aircraft transaction.

Our passion for aviation is coupled with 25 years long perseverance of Captain Aftab Shams, which together help us to bring results as per the requirements of our clients. Captain Aftab Shams being a Commercial Pilot License holder in Texas, USA and also has outstanding knowledge in finance, real estate, and oil. Under his guidance, the company kick-started in 2015. Since then, we are proudly representing buying and selling aircraft, dealing with all the financial services for mega projects of many oil ventures and helping top team representatives worldwide.

Share Your Ambitions:

All our services, including aircraft selling and buying services, are not only limited by helping you to reach to potential buyers or sellers but beyond that. By looking at the types of services you are expecting, we aim at adding value in every stage for you; to give you a fresh experience every time we work together.

We have a multi-facet approach:

Apart from helping any Government and Private companies or individuals in aircraft procurement, aircraft buy and sell, we also make sure that financing of all your megaprojects also becomes a smooth and timely process. We provide collateral based services to finance the projects when your company brings a request to us. We also offer state-of-the-art project funding experience to many gas and oil project holders.

Since the last 20 years in the USA and 10 years in India, Captain Aftab Shams has dedicated himself in the consultancy of aircraft sales, brokerage, B2B consulting services and acquisition, funding of oil and gas projects and real estate. With his front-end advice and analytics, we make sure that you achieve better strategic planning for your business goals.

Advantageous advice:

Wherever in the world, you are located, we can connect you with the rest of it, aligned with the right combination of expertise. Our existing clients are sure about one thing that they will have assured expert and reliable guidance.

With the standard of our service, integrity, assurance and honesty, we are one of the most trusted and respected consultancy firms for commercial aircraft sale and financing.

We Deliver Long-Lasting Value in Every Service That We have to Offer:

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Why Blu Sky Ventures?

The result that we promise to get comes from our pledge of exceeding the expectations of our clients. Every time you come up with a requirement, our goals become to complete that on your behalf.

Our team is focused upon ethical and proactive performance with their broad knowledge and focus

The transparency, value, integrity, and expertise in market research will give you a personalised business consulting service experience

Our international network and resources are capable of achieving everything, even what seems to be impossible for our clients.

Our aviation analyst and consultant will help you with all the intricate details about the ownership history, cost of operations, performance data, title transfer and every little thing that you go through while an aircraft sales negotiation.

For Captain Aftab Shams, having a work background of 20 years in the USA market and 10 years in India is the head of Asia and Africa of the venture U Car India/USA. His association with USA based and worldwide companies help your equity funding, partnership and other loan arrangements easy.